Older and Wiser

Older and Wiser Column

For a number of years now our Society has written and published a column for seniors in the North Shore News. The column, titled ’’Older and Wiser,’ is published bi-weekly, on Wednesdays in the Seniors Section of the Paper. The column is intended to promote discussion on seniors’ issues, reflect the views of the Lionsview Seniors Planning Society and to influence policy and decision makers. We welcome suggestions from our members for ideas on future columns.


Margaret Coates is the Coordinator of Lionsview Seniors’ Planning Society. She has lived on the North Shore for 52 years and has worked with and for seniors for 28 of those years. Ideas for future columns are welcome. Call (604) 985-3852 or Email us  at lions_view@telus.net

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Seniors have faced a lot this past year

Getting Back to Normal

Elder abuse an ongoing issue

Family Caregiver Month

When it comes to vaccines, let’s stick to the program

There’s still a benefit to volunteering, even during COVID

COVID scams a worrisome trend

Taking care of our eyes

It’s essential to take good care of our feet

Pandemic has made life for Alzheimer’s patients more challenging

New year’s resolutions that are actually doable


Supporting our seniors is challenging right now. It’s also crucial.

Be proactive in managing these cold winter months

Caregivers are carrying an extra burden these days

Scams targeting seniors compounded during pandemic

Pandemic changes how we look at aging

It’s especially important to keep up with activities this fall

Seniors possess the coping skills to deal with pandemic stress

Seniors should enjoy the summer sun safely

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day highlights an important year-round issue

Now more than ever, let’s celebrate our seniors

Keep moving through the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 takes its toll on mental health of seniors

North Shore organizations stepping up to help seniors during COVID-19

We all need to go the extra mile when it comes to social distancing

Sound advice for hearing well

Keeping track of medications important for overall health

Oral care important when it comes to overall health

Let’s resolve to make manageable new year’s resolutions

Here’s a pop quiz about seniors open to all ages


Make the holidays a little easier for seniors in need

New technology can benefit our aging population

Don’t get sick stressing over flu season

Seniors and poverty is an overlooked issue on the North Shore

Myths about older adults are destructive, says seniors advocate

Day of Older Persons offers a chance for reflection

There are many options when it comes to biking

Fight isolation by staying engaged

Smart ways to boost brain health

Here comes the sun-sense advice column

Knowing the symptoms of a stroke could save a life

Creative solutions needed when it comes to housing seniors

Issues raised during B.C. Seniors Week should be a year-round focus

Accessibility essential for age-friendly communities

Who cares for the caregiver

Let’s talk about all these scam calls

Don’t up the odds when it comes to falling down

Volunteering won’t make you money but it could profit your health

Daylight time a chance to reflect on poor sleeping habits

Proper health gets to the heart of the issue

Seniors should get moving when it comes to transit issues

Alzheimer Awareness Month aims to change attitudes

Good Care Centres Offer Welcome Respite


Don’t let the winter months leave you feeling

The holidays are joyous … and stressful

Many organizations depend on charity and goodwill during holidays

Seniors, get out and vote!

Seniors contribute to fabric of Canada

Driving is important regardless of age

Active minds lead to active seniors

All’s well that ages well

Healthy eating promotes overall well-being

Stay connected with summer activities

Have fun in the sun, just not a ton

On Multiculturalism Day, let’s celebrate immigrant seniors

There are resources out there for seniors facing abuse

Transit key for North Shore seniors on the move

Caregiver Expo shares tips and tools with those who provide support

I want to live in a dementia friendly community

Volunteering benefits seniors in a big way

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Latest budget will increase services to seniors across BC

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Seniors Should Embrace Technology

Support for Seniors Should be Improved

Simple Resolutions Key


Be Kind to Yourself During the Holidays

Oral Health Critical for Seniors Well-being

Community-based Seniors Services are Vital

A flu shot can help you enjoy the season

Mental health issues a concern for seniors too

It’s important to get up and move around

Extreme heat may pose health risks to seniors;

Resources aim to raise awareness about abuse

Services help support caregivers

Seniors advocate speaks at North Vancouver presentation

Regular exercise essential for healthy aging

Volunteering a valued activity for many seniors

Many resources available for seniors

Healthy eating important part of aging

Perpetuating myths about seniors adds to ageism

Report looks at prescriptions

Seniors transportation a topic for discussion

Housing issues not just for the young

Setting achievable goals the first step toward success


Funding challenges similar for seniors Down Under

Robots will be key to future of elder care

Plan ahead for peace of mind

Supporting our caregivers

Local seniors programs meet needs

Helpful information widely available

Seniors isolation causes communities to suffer

Dealing with cognitive decline

Seniors health expo to explore dementia care

Scammers aren’t always from faraway lands

Debt levels rising among those aged 65+

New columnist makes her introduction

Long-running columnist bids fond farewell

Test your knowledge of issues of aging

The pros and cons of property tax deferral

More awareness needed of useful local resources

Columnist sees clearly after long last

Making the Internet affordable to all

New group helps seniors get off drug train

New tools help seniors age well

Resolving to make positive change in 2016


Curl up with a good book

Screening tests unfair to older drivers

New tax credit hits home

BC advocate offers update

Federal election’s impact on local seniors

Planning for an aging demographic

Mobile polls an unused option for seniors

Lowdown on access, eligibility and cost

Types of care defined

Lessons learned around the world

Quiz brings cold, hard truths to light

Get your pencils ready

To defer or not to defer_ that is the question

Quelling the bashing of seniors

Counting down 2014’s top stories


Wall Street Journal dispels aging myths

Many retirees end up back in workforce

Banks should take lead in stopping scams

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Many unprepared for caregiving

Ensure your meds are right for you

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Will Canadians outlive their money

Be prepared when choosing to unretire

Readers reply in earnest

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Big babies” – not always a bad thing

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Canada’s inquest system lacks teeth

Residential care a caring decision

Take action rather than live in fear

To save or spend, that is the question

Taking stock of 2013’s gains and losses

Do your due diligence before donating


Aging population raises concerns

Tech reliance a sign of the times

Seattle programs inspire

Stand up for Canadian veterans

Health care changes coming

Time for change is now

Rule No. 1- Start with what you’ve got

Report_ Seniors going on spending sprees

Living will in debate – Seniors – North Shore News


Important to use it or lose it

NS News columnist puts readers to the test

Consider BC seniors in natural disaster planning

Seniors advocates crying foul

Local advocates tackle issue of elder abuse

Recent AGM address raises a few eyebrows

New snapshot report a wake up call for action

Tax planning key to high retirement returns

Seniors action tables gear up for 2013

New snapshot report a wake up call for action

New BC legislation receives mixed review

Money to be had with legwork

Fun in the sun yields host of cold hard facts

Better late than never Looking back on 2012

Consider your savings options for the future


Follow the money when making donations

Driver rules should be based on ability not age

Grey divorce rates climbing

Local survey results are in

Looking back A 2011 year in review

Make the most out of this phase of life

Modern family open to change

New advocates office to be a busy one

Public health gap must be closed

Report suggests sweeping changes

Savary Island cottage closing trip a success

Surveys tangible results satisfy queries

Taxi program phase out requires second look

Taxi Saver advocates crash AGM

Workplace wars heat up

Age warfare debate only starting to heat up

BC makes bold move regarding flu shots

Canadians to wait longer to collect OAS

Don’t believe everything you read this year

Dont discriminate against aging drivers

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Columnist takes a playful approach

Flu shots an important annual tradition

Follow the money when making donations

Forum helps seniors at risk

Health care top of mind for Canadians

Health care tops Santa wish list

Lionsview founders impact still felt today

NV seniors population to double by year 2027

Recent headlines a cause for concern

WV seniors live longer than peers in region