Who We are

The Lionsview Seniors’ Planning Society is a non profit society dedicated to the interests of seniors on the North Shore. We are a non partisan association.

Our motto is ‘A Strong Voice for Seniors on the North Shore’. We work to empower seniors to make decisions and establish priorities related to services for seniors.

Our goal is to support all North Shore seniors in being healthy, independent and connected members of the community.

We are a seniors led and seniors driven organization. Our projects and initiatives are designed to engage local seniors and promote the types of supports and services seniors tell us they require for aging well, being active, socially engaged and independent.

Recognizing Lionsview’s 25 Years of Service


Lionsview’s coordinator, Margaret Coates and Raye Lee, board chair, were guests of the City of North Vancouver and Mayor Darrell Mussatto on November 1, 2016, for a presentation in recognition in Lionsview’s 25 years of service to seniors on the North Shore.