Seniors Coalition

Seniors_CoalitionThe North Shore Services to Seniors Coalition has been operating since 1992 and is the planning table for issues facing seniors and services to seniors on the North Shore. There are currently over 50 member organizations that come together as the Coalition to network, plan services and supports strategically, and set priorities and target resources for collaborative action.

Seniors’ Coalition Presentations


September 2017

Towards A Dementia Friendly North Shore
a report from the North Shore Dementia Friendly working group.

Lionsview’s Coalition 2017 Survey
The survey results generated much constructive discussion which will contribute to the overall improvement of services to the Coalition.

The link to the survey is here.

Seniors’ programs at Delbrook Recreation Centre.
North Shore Recreation and Culture Commission’s presentation on seniors’ programming concluded with an invitation to hear suggestions and comments from the Coalition. The Coalition obliged with a range of comments reflecting members’ exposure to services and developments in the ‘seniors’ industry’.

The link to the presentation is here.

June 2017

The final coalition meeting of the 2016 – 2017 year was held in the new Delbrook recreation centre. Thanks to our coalition members, this was our largest turnout to date: 34 people attended.

Margaret Coates and Joanne Franko, sitting in for co-chair Tricia Andrew, moderated the gathering and Lionsview’s summer student Ian Pryzdial looked after the tech side of the program.


Kiwanis North Shore Housing Society presented the welcome news that a new addition to the seniors housing complex in Lynn Valley is in the works, and the existing building, Kiwanis Manor, will get an upgrade. The Manor’s exterior will be renovated and all doors and windows will be replaced during a one-day blitz. Trudy Hubbard suggested inviting friends who live in the Manor on an outing on that day.

Trudy Hubbard from the society, Joffre Pomerleau, Innovative Housing Consultants and Bob Heaslip, Development Planning Strategies, talked us through the process, still in the concept stage.

The new building is planned as a 6 storey wood frame construction, with entry linked to Kiwanis Manor. 106 units will be added to Kiwanis Housing’s 650 seniors rental accommodation across the North Shore. Completion is planned for 2020.

Age Friendly on the North Shore.  Steering committee members Margaret Coates and Annwen Loverin reported on activities resulting from the 3 North Shore municipalities’ commitment to the Age Friendly Priorities for Meaningful Change cited by the World Health Organization. Read the Age Friendly presentation (PDF).

Look for Progress to Date and Promising Activities in these areas: outdoor spaces and public buildings, public transportation, housing, social participation, respect and inclusion, employment and volunteerism, Age Friendly communication and information, community support and health services.  The report also addresses additional gaps and issues compromising seniors’ quality of life identified by the steering committee during this process.

May 2017

Final version new poster advocate 8-11.pdf

B.C. Seniors’ Advocate Isobel Mackenzie spoke at the May Coalition meeting.

One attendee described the talk as “riveting”. Others in the capacity audience at Silver Harbour Seniors’ Centre appreciated the reversal of commonly held misconceptions about seniors.

Ms Mackenzie spoke about the recently completed survey of seniors in B.C. long-term care residences, discussed options available to homeowners who may be in housing transition and cited the influx of federal funding which is directed to improving the quality of home care services in BC.

Here is a link to the B.C. Seniors’ Advocate’s presentation (pptx).

April, 2017

There were two presentations at the April Coalition meeting.

The first was an update on Delbrook Lands site by Suzy Lunn and Christina Rucci, planners with the District of North Vancouver.

The District of North Vancouver and the SFU Centre for Dialogue conducted an innovative, open and transparent public process to find options for the Delbrook Lands site at 600 West Queens Road.  The community recommended that the District retain ownership of the lands and facilitate the creation of a  multi-use site that includes neighbourhood parkland, community services, and non-market housing for the 4.3 acres site.  In January, 2017 Council directed staff to explore funding and partnerships for these site uses.  District staff are currently in discussion with partners and will report to Council in the fall. Here is a link to this presentation.

Next, a presentation on the WalkCNV Pedestrian Plan (PDF) by Daniel Watson and Brandon Green from the City of North Vancouver.

The City of North Vancouver is collecting information from residents about pedestrian usage and preferences. A public presentation is planned for the fall.

March, 2017

Presentations at the March 21 Coalition meeting focused on community supports in place and in progress for North Shore seniors with dementia.

Planners Heather Evans, City of North Vancouver, and Cristina Rucci, District of North Vancouver talked about creating a dementia-friendly North Shore. Here is a link to an outline of work to date:
March 21 Dementia Friendly presentation (PDF)

First Link North Shore, an arm of the Alzheimer Society of BC, connects individuals diagnosed with dementia, and their families, with resources and support.

Coordinator Bronwyn James presented an overview of First Link’s services and role on the North Shore.

Vivian Tsai has replaced Kerri Sutherland as Support & Education Coordinator at First Link North Shore, working alongside Bronwyn.

Kerri retired in January after 15 years with the Alzheimer Society of BC on the North Shore.

Download and view the First-Link Presentation here (PPTX).

January, 2017

Meals on Wheels

A selection of food provided by North Shore Meals on Wheels was a tasty start to the first Coalition meeting of 2017. Board members Betsy MacDonald and Debbie Maclean brought the meals directly from The Pantry kitchen and Maureen Lougheed, the society’s past president, spoke about Meals on Wheels’ work in the community.

Coalition members:  your feedback from the tasting would be welcome, as MOW’s goal is to provide quality food as well as good service. Get in touch with MOW North Shore with your comments:  604-922 3414,  and

Hollyburn Family Services

Hollyburn Family Services’s presentation, Seniors at Housing Risk, 2016 Program Update, was an illuminating and unsettling look at homeless seniors and seniors at risk of homelessness on the North Shore. Director of Services Leya Eguchi cited some alarming statistics reflecting the rise of this sector of our seniors population. Programs noted in the presentation have been developed to respond as the result of recommendations of the Seniors at Housing Risk Participatory Research Project (2013), a collaboration between Hollyburn Family Services and Lionsview Seniors Planning Society. Here is the link to the Hollyburn Family Services presentation

November 2016

A Basic Plan for our Future

At the November 15, 2016 Coalition meeting, Joanne Taylor, Executive Director of NIDUS Personal Planning Resource Centre and Registry, presented The Essentials of a Plan for Your Future. This comprehensive presentation…

•  outlined personal planning resources available from NIDUS, including a Personal Planning Registry
•  recorded the evolution of personal planning legislation in B.C., culminating in the Representation Agreement Act of 2011
•  reviewed the current state of personal planning resources in the community
View the presentation here (PDF) and bookmark the website.

In Lionsview’s Older and Wiser column of November 26, titled Plan Ahead for Peace of Mind, Margaret Coates writes about using the Nidus resources for her own personal planning, confirming that legal and personal planning for end of life is “the right thing to do.” Nidus makes the process easy and accessible. (You can find Lionsview’s Older and Wiser columns here.)

October, 2016

Metro Vancouver Seniors’ Intentional Connection Project

At the October 18th Coalition meeting, Janet Quenneville, from Family Services of the North Shore, presented an overview of the Metro Vancouver Seniors’ Intentional Connection Project.

Reducing isolation for seniors 75+ is the project’s goal, with 20+ agencies participating in four components: Volunteer Navigators, Welcoming Spaces, Seniors on the Move & Seniors Hubs. Family Services of the North Shore leads the impact plan, evaluation & the Volunteer Navigators project.

March, 2016

Age Friendly Assessment and Action Plan

coalition_news  At the March, 2016 Coalition meeting, the Age Friendly Team who have been meeting about the Priorities for Meaningful Change which came out of the Age Friendly Assessment and Action Plan created when the District and City of North Vancouver applied for an Age Friendly designation in the two municipalities, presented the following.

•  a quick history and overview of the Age Friendly process
•  a quick overview of the Age Friendly Assessment and Action Plan with the Priorities for Meaningful Change
•  an overview of the Age Friendly Teams process to date
•  sheets which captured the eight priority areas. These sheets were used to hold an interactive session in order to prioritize the items and list what people felt was missing.

Next steps include collating the information and getting the report back to members at the May Coalition meeting for discussion about possible actions.

January, 2016

Highlights of the Services to Seniors January meeting

Our January Services to Seniors meeting agenda was jam packed with three presentations:

Renee Strong The first presenter, Renee Strong from Capilano Services Societies spoke about the Delbrook Lands Community Dialogue meeting to  discuss the future of Delbrook. The potential use of the lands is of interest to Capilano Services and the 8 organizations who reside at Delbrook. They could potentially be moved to another site before relocating to their future permanent home at the new Lionsgate Community Centre in the Lower Capilano area. For continuing information about the consultation go to

Nancy-HollstedtKate Weiss
The second presenter was Kate Weiss from the newly formed Elder College Society.  She spoke about the formation of the new Society, the courses being offered and the creation of a number of partner organizations who will host the classes. Click here  to see her power point presentation.

Kathy-WeissNancy Hollstedt 
The third presenter was Nancy Hollstedt from North Shore Community Services Society.  She presented statistics on the One Stop program run out of the North Shore Community Resources Society. Click here to see her power point presentation.