In 2016 the Lionsview Seniors’ Planning Society celebrated 25 years of service to our community. We have come a long way in the last two and half decades but we have remained true to our goal of being a strong voice for seniors on the North Shore.

We can trace our roots back to the mid 1980’s. In September of 1989 a group of service providers came together to test the idea of coordinated planning for seniors’ services on the North Shore. From this initiative came the North Shore Seniors Health Initiative which produced an action plan to address specific issues in the areas of housing, transportation, preventive health, social services and community and residential care.

In April 1989, the Committee hired staff to develop and test a model for planning community services with seniors themselves playing a leading role. In 1991, the Committee formed itself into a non-profit society, the Lionsview Seniors’ Planning Society. The Society hired an executive director and since then we have grown and evolved.

Our most recent initiatives include our Seniors Today survey of North Shore seniors (2011), an Age-friendly Acting for a Better Tomorrow project (2012) and our shaping the North Shore Communities project in 2013, each based on the eight components of the World Health organization’s Age-friendly framework.

Throughout our history we have remained true to our principle of involving seniors and senior service providers in all matters that affect the quality of our lives.