Services to Seniors Coalition News

The Services to Seniors Coalition meets on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at noon, at Delbrook Recreation Centre. Yes, the new building.

Join us on Tuesday, October 17, 2017, when our presentation will be:

Towards A Dementia Friendly North Shore, from the North Shore Dementia Friendly working group.

Margaret Coates on Lionsview’s Coalition 2017 Survey

Margaret Coates, Lionsview Seniors Planning Society coordinator, presented the results of the Services to Seniors Coalition Survey. The survey results generated much constructive discussion which will contribute to the overall improvement of services to the Coalition.

The link to the presentation is here.

Seniors’ programs at Delbrook Recreation Centre.

North Shore Recreation and Culture Commission’s presentation on seniors’ programming concluded with an invitation to hear suggestions and comments from the Coalition. The Coalition obliged with a range of comments reflecting members’ exposure to services and developments in the ‘seniors’ industry’.

The link to the presentation is here.

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Older & Wiser in the North Shore News

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