“Seniors on the Go” July 11, 2017 at City Library

A lively audience attended “Seniors on the Go,” a co-presentation from the City of North Vancouver Seniors Action Table and the City of North Vancouver Library that focused on walkability and pedestrian safety.

Speakers Daniel Watson and Natalie Corbo, planners with the City of North Vancouver, Annwen Loverin, Executive Director at Silver Harbour Seniors’ Centre, and RCMP Constables Chohan and Papaiya addressed walkability and pedestrian safety.

The July 31, 2017 Older & Wiser column entitled “It’s important to get up and move around” summarized the main points raised by “Seniors on the Go.” Read the latest Older & Wiser columns by clicking here.

How easy is it for seniors to get around the North Shore safely and effortlessly? Not so easy said seniors …..

Seniors spoke about lack of sidewalks, dangerous intersections, the speed and noise of vehicles, poor lighting, bikes and skate boards on sidewalks and limits to accessibility (expanded patio table areas, sandwich boards). Seniors complained about curb downs (dips in the curbs at crosswalks) as a problem for people who are sight impaired and the slow clearing of snow off sidewalks. They were concerned about lack of benches in some areas and when there were benches the lack of covers or shelters from the weather. They also talked about poor transportation options and issues with bus availability and accessibility.

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July 2017

Attention: North Shore SATs

Catch up with “Seniors on the Go,” a co-presentation from Lionsview’s Seniors Action Tables and the City of North Vancouver Library, at the library Tuesday, July 11, 2017 from 10 – 11:30 am.

Introductions by Margaret Coates, Coordinator, Lionsview and Margarete Wiedmann, Special Services Coordinator, CNV Library with presentations on walkability and welcoming spaces in the City, traffic and transportation, and being safe on City streets from

Daniel Watson and Natalie Corbo, CNV
Sgt. Kevin Bracewell, RCMP
Annwen Loverin, Executive Director, Silver Harbour Seniors’ Centre

with time for audience comments following each presentation.
Moderated by Margarete Wiedmann.


Coalition members are invited to complete this survey. It was a good year for networking, connecting and learning at the Coalition with presentations from our community partners found via the link on this page.

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Read the latest Older & Wiser column by clicking here.

Read Cities benefit by being age-friendly for seniors (PDF) from the North Shore News, July 16, 2017.